Find The Best Venues For Meetings, Conferences And Training

With over 5,000 individual venues listed on some online venue finder websites, the choice of venues is endless. However, selecting from such an extensive list of venues could be like finding a needle in a haystack.

The best way to simplify your search is to find a clear description for your event. There are many venues that specialise in hosting the following types of events:

Conferences – There is a vast variety of UK-based conference venues, many of which are purpose built and offer specialist facilities. Fully equipped meeting rooms, ample break-out space and free Wi-Fi are some of the things you can expect from specialist conference centres.

Training – To receive the best return on investment for using off-site facilities, it is recommended to use specialist training centres as opposed to hotels or other meeting venues. Specialist meeting rooms for hire not only offer fully equipped rooms, these are also generally free from outside interruptions.

Business Meetings – The tone of the meetings really determines the type of venue. For intensive meetings you may want to consider a dedicated conference centre, but for a more relaxed atmosphere and incentive-based activities a spa hotel may be better suited.

Team Building – Most venues with grounds to spare will offer team building activities. However, consider the size of available grounds, proximity to toilet facilities, catering options, indoor alternative in case of bad weather and finally the quality of activities on offer – the best venues often work with a specialist team building partner.

Lane End Conference Centre offers a choice of five individual venues in one location: Wycombe Hall, Wycombe Court, Wycombe Lodge, The Pavilion and The Quadrangle. This unique design means that the venue offers dedicated space for more than one type of event. It offers purpose-built training facilities with a light and bright conference room in the Pavilion, extensive team buildings grounds and a self-contained business meeting venue (Wycombe Court).

For more information about the extensive range of conference and meeting facilities at Lane End Conference Centre – contact Sales Manager Heni Fourie, telephone +44 (0)845 521 3013.

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